MUN Committee

MUN Committee is a college level body established to carry out the functions and organise programmes to enable the students to develop the negotiation and diplomacy skills and understand the facets of Model United Nations, Youth Parliament and similar activities.


About Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) is a student simulation of the proceedings of the United Nations. Students, referred to as Delegates, are assigned a country to represent in one of the UN’s numerous committees with pre-set topics to debate. They research the background of their country, their country’s position on the topics at hand, and prepare notes on possible solutions to the problems faced. Much like the real UN, the goal is to identify solutions, by negotiation and consensus, on which many countries can agree.



  1. To promote and instill the motives and goals as enshrined in the UN Charter.
  2. To enable the students to have understanding of contemporary International issues and offer solutions.
  3. To strengthen the negotiating and leadership skills.
  4. To provide a deeper understanding of multilateral diplomacy.



  1. To conduct 2nd KLESLC MUN 2018.
  2. To align MUN Training Programme with Orientation Programme of College.
  3. To align MUN activities with curriculum in relation to the relevant courses.
  4. Having MOUs with organisations for hosting MUN competitions.
  5. Prepare students for international level MUN competitions.



The Committee shall consist of

  1. Principal as the Chairman.
  2. Three faculties as Coordinator selected by Principal.
  3. One student from each batch as student coordinator. However, the total number of student coordinators shall not exceed 15.



  1. To conduct regular MUN competitions annually.
  2. To inform the students about MUN competitions and conduct screening.
  3. To provide training and assistance to the students representing the institution in MUN competitions.
  4. To organize workshops and training programmes for
  5. To make list of national and international level moot court competitions.
  6. To assign the teacher coordinator for each team that is selected to represent the college.
  7. To perform such other incidental functions as may be required from time to time.