Internship Requirement

As per the requirements of Karnataka State Law University 20 weeks of internship (5 year course) and 12 weeks of internship (3 year course) during the course is compulsory.

  1. Internship in a year cannot be for a continuous period of more than 4 weeks in a given academic year.
  2. Internship shall be done at varied forums like Trial & Appellate Advocate Chambers, Judiciary, Research Institute, Legal Regulatory Authorities, Local Self Governments, Legislature and Parliament, NGOs, Corporate Companies, Banks, Insurance Companies, Law Firms and other Legal Functionaries.
  3. Internship undergone during academic classes shall not be considered.
  4. Each student shall maintain internship dairy in the form stipulated by the University.
  5. Certificates (colour photocopy) of each internship shall be submitted to the faculty in-charge soon after the completion of Internship.
  6. Therefore, it is hereby instructed to the students to comply with the requirements.

Details to be mentioned on Certificate:

  1. Student Name, class and Registration no. (University Examination)
  2. Name of the Institution/ Organisation and duration of Internship with date.
  3. Date, Seal and Signature of the Authority.
  4. Area of research and training.
  5. Student seeking letter for internship shall state the complete address of the organization of internship.